Spiritual Imprint Cycles

Our lives are made up of cycles within cycles. Cycles influence how we function, feel, and perform. Some cycles are universal, so we all experience them. Universal Cycles include spring-summer-winter-fall and morning-afternoon-evening-night. Universal Cycles do not depend on our existence; they were in motion before we were born and will continue after we die.

Other cycles are more personal. Examples of these are toddler-student-worker/parent-retiree and child-maiden-mother-crone. Personal Cycles begin at birth, ebb and flow as you age, and end with your death. Personal Cycles are unique to each of us and start at conception.

Cycles can be thought of as a set of concentric rings, with the outermost ring being our longest cycle (our overall life from birth to death), with other, shorter Universal and Personal Cycles contained within. Another way to envision cycles is as a series of waves, which show how the cycles ebb and flow throughout our lives.concentric-cycles

Awareness of both the Universal and Personal Cycles allows us to flow with them, which improves our mood, enhances our productivity, and reduces our stress. Ever feel like no matter how hard you try you just can’t get something to happen? “There is a season for everything . . .”


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