Spiritual Imprint Traits

In terms of Spiritual Imprints, cycles are the timing of our life and traits are who we are. Traits are how you describe and define yourself along with your capabilities, personality, talents, likes, wants, and needs. Traits are also used by others to describe how they see you.

You are born with some traits, like skin color, genetic makeup, and innate abilities. Other traits develop over time, such as knowing what you want or the ability to ride a bike. Your life experiences and the environments you are exposed to (family, school, social, environmental, etc) cause traits to be defined, redefined, and refined as you mature.

Some traits last your whole life, others are more prevalent during certain times of your life, and some disappear after they are no longer of use. An obvious example of a trait that lasts your whole life is your skin color. Abilities and talents may ebb and flow, while personality traits change over the course of your life.

Cycles have traits (e.g., summer is active, morning is light, etc), and traits have cycles (e.g., your productivity level varies at different times of the day/month/year). Your Spiritual Imprint (i.e., your personal cycles and traits) is key to knowing how to align your life within Universal Cycles like seasons and years. This alignment makes your life flow more smoothly and be more productive.


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