Breaking the Cycle (Skeleton Family Tree)

Spiritual Imprints have some elements that are static, like your family history, genetic coding, and your name on your birth certificate. Other elements are dynamic, such as your age, colors you are drawn to, and relationships. We are complex beings, so attempting to define ourselves in a single formula simply does not work.

When I started this journal/blog, I made a list of all the components that contribute to a Spiritual Imprint. With that very long list compiled, let’s start by creating the framework of who you are and see if there are any patterns or cycles worth breaking.

When we are born some aspects of our Spiritual Imprint are already in place. Our parents’ family histories and ailments, through our genes, will influence us throughout our lives. Knowing this information gives you a chance to break any cycles or habits you do not wish to continue. It is a way to begin self-discovery.

I will describe how to make a more complex relationship maps in future journal entries, but for now let’s begin simply using a Skeleton Family Tree. First list yourself. Then add your parents and their siblings (i.e., your aunts and uncles). Add their parents (i.e., your grandparents). Now record if they are dead or alive. If they are dead, list how they died. If they are alive, list any major illnesses. Any patterns emerge? If they do, you now have the ability to make a conscious choice whether or not you plan to follow suit. I’ve included a portion of my Skeleton Family Tree as an example because the pattern is so blatant.


Breaking the Cycle: A portion of my Skeleton Family Tree demonstrating a pattern of heart-related issues

The heart problems that plagued my mother’s side of the family were not all physical, even though they manifested that way. There was a tremendous sadness that hung over the family. It was palpable in my mother. Unveiling the heart issues allowed me to make choices to prevent going down the same path. Some of the choices are related to my diet and exercise, and some address my happiness. But, most importantly, I have set a strong intention (more on the power of belief in later journal entries) to live happier and longer and avoid the negative heart pattern. It is how I began to break the cycle of a long-established pattern in my family.


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