Cleansing Stones, Crystals, and Minerals

Everything has an energetic field and a specific vibration; waves of energy surround us through music, light, and noise. Solids vibrate slower than liquids, sunlight hits the earth in waves, and the moon’s gravitational force causes shifts in tides. Feelings and emotions are also made up of energy and can be stored in objects, affecting our moods and thoughts, even though we may not be consciously aware of it happening. It is one of the reasons we are attracted to some things and repelled by others.

The energy fields of stones and crystals can be particularly sensitive to the emotions to which they are exposed. This is why it is important to clear old, stagnant energy out of stones, crystals, and minerals, especially if you wear them as jewelry, display them in your home or office, or use them to assist in healing practices.

I have been exposed to many varied practices, religions, and cultures throughout my life, so the process I use to cleanse stones, crystals, and minerals is based on several different mythologies, cultures, studies, and rituals. It requires clearing your mind of everyday busy thoughts so you can focus your attention and intention on clearing the object. You can use one or all of the methods described below.

Smudge: Start by smudging the item using cedar and/or sage. These two plants are regarded as having good cleansing properties. While smudging the object, imagine the smoke removing the stored energy from the stone and taking it up to the sky where it will be purified. If you have a specific purpose for the stone, use your focus and intention to carry that quality into the object, leaving it infused or “filled” with that quality.

Salt cleansing: If the item won’t suffer damaging effects, put it in a bed of sea and/or Himalayan salt, which are believed to remove negative energies. Caution note: This is not a required step, especially if you are not sure about how the object will react to salt. Metals used in jewelry do NOT react well to contact with salt.

Sun and moon cleansing: Place stones, crystals, and minerals outside on the day before the full moon. One night of full moon exposure is regarded as enough (as is one day of sunlight), but I leave the objects outside for three days (i.e., the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon), where they are exposed to healing and cleansing sunlight during the day, and the effects of the moon at night. The stone, crystal, or mineral benefits from the intense, fiery energy of the sun during the day and the healing and cleansing effects of the moon at night. Just be aware of the weather; rain and snow can damage some stones, crystals, or minerals.

There are many other methods (water, prayer, etc) available to cleanse and clear stones. Find what feels right, what you can believe in, and, therefore, works for you.


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