Goal Setting Using Seasonal Energy

Each season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) has an energy associated with it driven by things like the weather, the tilt of the earth, the moon cycles, the length of daylight, and the long-celebrated traditions of each period. Based on the energy of each season, I like to map out my year (in a broad sense) to coincide with the seasons in order to support the specific energies they bring. It organizes and highlights my goals for the year and is another way of setting my affirmations.

I love, love, love large, unlined journals. The Seasonal Energy Goal Maps in my paper journal are drawn one above the other, year after year (at least as many as I can fit on a page). This helps to see my progression and growth over time. Here is a replica of what a couple of my maps look like:


Note: The seasons discussed here and shown on the Seasonal Energy Goal Map are aligned with the seasons of the northern hemisphere, but can be altered to work in the southern hemisphere also.

Spring is the time to start new projects and air out the past. Following the long, cold, winter, spring brings with it the energy of new ideas and beginnings. I like to use the image of a beautiful, old-fashioned, crystal doorknob to represent spring. Spring is where to map the new doors I want to open in the year (i.e., the new ideas, new projects, new habits, etc. to begin in the year).

Summer is the time of activity. The image I use for this season is of a warrior woman, complete with shield and spear. The shield is to protect me naysayers (including myself), negative attitudes, and non-supporters. The spear is to remind me to keep forging ahead to attain my goals. Summer is the season to map actions needed to be taken in the year.

Fall is the time of introspection. After the new beginnings of spring and the accomplishments of summer, fall is the time to reflect on what has occurred, determine that which has been beneficial, and decide what was negative. The image I use for this season is a stone box with a lid. The ideas that didn’t work out, the relationships that no longer serve me, the habits I no longer wish to continue, and anything else I want to discard are placed in the box, sealed up, and removed from my life.

Winter is the time of healing, cleansing, and ceremony. It is the time to integrate all you learned over the year and prepare for the next cycle. The image I use is of a large crystal filled with all I experienced over the year along with the lessons I learned. I imagine placing this crystal inside my chest where the experiences and lessons can be integrated into who I am.



4 thoughts on “Goal Setting Using Seasonal Energy

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