We ARE all we need to know

Most people are curious to know their life’s purpose. After many years trying to discover my life purpose, I came upon a revelation: We ARE all we need to know. That means that everything we spend our lives searching for, everything we strive to understand and explain (including our life’s purpose), already exists. It is already known, stored, and waiting for us to discover. Unveiling these is the tricky part—we are quite adept at hiding from ourselves for fear of what we might see.

Throughout the challenging task of unveiling my truths and life purpose, I have come across and/or developed many useful Magical Tools and Maps to assist in the process. These methods help to build our Spiritual Imprint, which is an illustration—a snapshot—of who a person is (their talents, traits, etc) at any given time within the many cycles of life. Unveiling our Spiritual Imprint helps us to live our lives to their fullest expression and gives us the ability to arrive in our entirety.

Mapped, it looks like this:

Unveiling / Revealing –>

Decoding / Understanding –>

Integrating / Living it –>

Arriving in Our Entirety


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