Seasonal Energy: Fall / Harvest

For those who live off the land, the fall harvest reveals the success or underachievement of crops grown in the spring and summer. Similarly, we can reveal the results of our actions of the seasons leading up to fall by looking within ourselves. Fall is the time of introspection and inner discovery. It is when we harvest our experiences and discover what we have learned. We reap the rewards by making necessary changes (discarding the negative and keeping the positive) and building on newfound abilities, desires, and beliefs. The release of non-productive or unhelpful things/people/behaviors was once paraphrased to me as “shed that which does not grow corn”—a very appropriate saying at harvest time!

Fall is the shift from the busy summer months to the quieter time ahead. While spring and summer are considered more active, masculine-energy months, fall and winter are the return to the feminine, receptive, and intuitive seasons. Fall and harvest give us the opportunity to prepare for winter—the time of healing, cleansing, and ceremony—when we can integrate all we learned in the prior seasons.

To read more about using the energy of the seasons to support your goals, see my journal entry Goal Setting Using Seasonal Energy.


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