Seasonal Energy: Winter

The energy of winter is considered feminine and receptive. It is the season for healing, cleansing, and ceremony. Winter’s tranquil energy is supportive of recovering from the hard work of the prior, more active months. It is the time to clear out stagnant or negative thoughts, ideas, projects, and energy. It is a great occasion to perform cleansing rituals, as well as participate in ceremonies celebrating the year, your accomplishments, family, and friends.

The daylight is short, making it seem like the available, productive time is lessened. Thus, winter is a more withdrawn and restful time. This quiet, tranquil season gives us time to take stock and integrate all we have learned in the prior three seasons: the refreshing and creative springtime, the active summer months, and the introspective fall.

During the fall, the time of introspection, previous seasons are reviewed and the thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that no longer served us are discarded. The remaining “good stuff” is kept and built upon.

Being very visually oriented, one of my winter rituals is to envision my chest opening up and the lessons, feelings, and experiences of the year being placed inside a large, pure quartz crystal near my heart. The image of storing these key elements in such a sturdy, solid mineral helps to remind me that they are a permanent influence on my personal growth and integral to who I am.

To read more about using the energy of the seasons to support your goals, see my journal entry Goal Setting Using Seasonal Energy.


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