Seasonal Energy: Spring

Spring brings fresh, creative energy. Signs of renewal and rebirth are all around us: plants are sprouting, wildlife is mating, and daylight hours are increasing. To take advantage of spring’s refreshing energy, start new projects, put new ideas into motion, get the body moving, and clear away stagnant ideas and unused belongings. Even just the simple act of opening a window to let the fresh spring air into spaces closed up for winter will make you feel more vibrant and joyful.

Spring is a time to rejuvenate your body. In traditional Chinese medicine, spring is tied to the element of wood, which affects the liver and gall bladder. Drink plenty of water to help the liver clear toxins from your body. Use the warmer days to get outside and move.

Take up the habit of spring cleaning and get rid of things you no longer use. Holding on to things we don’t need or use negatively affects our energy. Even if we are not conscious of it, it weighs us down energetically.

Use spring’s creative energy to renew goals and plans, start new ventures, or update projects. In my journal entry about setting goals to take advantage of seasonal energy (Goal Setting Using Seasonal Energy), I explained mapping the new doors you want to open in the spring (i.e., the new ideas, new projects, new habits, etc.). To help me envision the new ideas and beginnings I desire for the year, I like to imagine several doors in front of me. They each have a beautiful, old-fashioned, crystal doorknob inviting me to turn it and begin something new. Using this simple spring ritual helps me take advantage of the fresh, exciting, and creative energy spring inspires.


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