Seasonal Energy: Summer

Summer is considered a masculine season because it is the time of activity and action. Summer energy supports cultivating and feeding seeds, whether they are the physical seeds in our garden or those of our thoughts and ideas. It is the best season to progress the ideas, thought, plans, and projects planned or started in the spring.

In the summertime, plants burst with new growth, providing a good, nutritional source of energy. Animals take advantage of summer’s vibrancy and are active for longer hours than other seasons. We too become more industrious. Summer’s longer daylight hours have long been used to accomplish things.

Much the same as the other seasons in my journal entries, I also like to use imagery to support my summer endeavors and goals. The image I use for summer is that of a warrior woman. I imagine myself as this person, standing confident and tall. I carry a shield and spear. The shield is to protect me from naysayers (including myself), negative attitudes, and non-supporters. The spear is to remind me to keep forging ahead to attain my goals.

To read more about using the energy of the seasons to support your goals, see my journal entry Seasonal Energy Goal Map.


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