Developing Ideas Using Chakra Energy

The seven chakras associated with specific areas (organs, tissues, etc) of our physical bodies are tied to distinct energies. In a nutshell they are:

Root: safety, security

Sacrum: love, money, creativity

Solar Plexus: work, responsibility

Heart: capacity to love and be loved

Throat: knowing when to speak and when to listen

Mind/Third eye: intellect, intuition

Crown: connection to a higher power

Developing new ideas using the relationship between your physical and energetic bodies has two objectives: (1) to thoroughly examine and clarify the concept and (2) to get your body, mind, and spirit aligned in support of it. By answering seven chakra-related questions, you explore your idea from very different aspects—some you may not have considered otherwise—which helps to better define and develop it. In addition the seven chakra questions connect your whole body and spirit with your idea. Feeling good about your idea encourages you to be more engaged with it, enhancing its chance to succeed. Note: Dig deep. Investing your time and energy to develop well thought out responses is imperative for this tool to be most effective.

The Seven Chakra Questions:

* You may want to consider going through the questions twice: once asking the questions as they relate to you and the second time asking the questions as they relate to others.

1st Chakra: Base How does this meet my basic safety and/or security needs?

2nd Chakra: Sacrum How does this help me in terms of love, money, and/or creativity? How does this help me build relationships with others?

3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus Why do I feel responsible for this work/project/idea? How and what does this work/project/idea communicate to others?

4th Chakra: Heart How does this relate to me loving or being loved? How does this help me to learn to give and to receive from others?

5th Chakra: Throat Why do I think I need to express this? How does this help me find my voice or be better at communicating?

6th Chakra: Mind/Third Eye Why or how does this stimulate me mentally and/or intuitively?

7th Chakra: Crown How does this help the greater good? How does this support my aspirations?

Because I have a vivid imagination, I like to ask the Seven Chakra Questions using guided visualization. I find a quiet place where I can relax and not be interrupted. I imagine sitting across from a panel of seven elders I admire. Each asks me one of the questions. Because someone I respect is querying me, I feel obligated to dig deep and form thorough answers. By recording the responses, I can continue to refine them to be even more specific and detailed.


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