Discover Lights in Your Life (Part 2, Mind Types)

A partnership exists within us among our Mind, Body, and Spirit. Because the Mind, Body, and Spirit behave as partners, their health is intertwined, meaning the condition of one area affects the others. Living a fulfilled life requires good health in all three areas.

Lights in Your Life are the people, activities, and things that invoke the feelings you most desire. In Discover Lights In Your Life, (Part 1, Feelings List), I described the process to create the Feelings List, which is the criteria used to identify the Lights in your life. (For more about the meditation that inspired this series, read Getting to Lights in My Life.)

Lights support us in different ways, depending on their connection to our Mind, Body, and Spirit. Having Lights in all three categories is important to your overall well-being. There should be at least one Light each for your Mind, Body, and Spirit, so the next step to identifying the Lights in your life is to determine the types of Lights you need in each area to lead a healthy and fully-realized life.

Mind Types

A healthy mind requires the introduction of new ideas and continued learning as well stimulating conversation. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the mind “thinks, reasons, feels, and remembers.” I would add that the mind also imagines, creates, and organizes. So, the types to include in your Mind Types List are those people, things, and activities that stimulate or improve your ability to think, reason, feel, remember, imagine, create, or organize. Use these abilities to stimulate ideas for the types to include in your Mind Types List. (Note: “Feel” in association with the mind are emotional feelings not physical sensations. Physical sensations are part of the Body Types List.)

Brainstorm Your Mind Types List

This exercise is a brainstorming process. Don’t hold back. List everything that comes to mind. You will refine your Mind Types List later.

Types in your Mind Types List should trigger your ability to think, such as teachers, books, or meditation. Add types that prompt you to use your reasoning ability, like bosses, parents, or solitaire. Include types that help you to feel emotions, such as counselors or children. The Mind types List might also include activities or objects to maintain and improve your ability to remember, such as Concentration or other memorization games. The Mind Types List should also include types that stimulate your intellect or imagination, such as co-workers, friends, and members of organizations or clubs to which you belong. Types that help you to create might be a woodworking project, a sewing project, knitting, or writing. Your list might also include types that improve your ability to organize, such as your business, schoolwork, or crossword puzzles.

The type of people or things in the Mind Types List will differ for each of us and are based on what we uniquely need to have a healthy, active mind. Also be sure to list types you don’t currently have but desire in your life. For example, if you wish for someone who can teach you writing skills, then “writing teacher” should appear on your Mind Types List. By listing who or what you are missing, you identify areas in your life where you are lacking Lights. This will be addressed in a later journal entry.

Here are some Types that might appear in a Mind Types List:

  • Collaborator
  • Counselor
  • Parents
  • Co-worker
  • Partner
  • Teacher
  • Friend
  • Client
  • Mentor
  • Children
  • Boss
  • Entrepreneur
  • Meditation
  • Work/career
  • Your business
  • Family
  • Pets
  • Reading
  • Games (e.g., solitaire, concentration)
  • School
  • Science Program
  • Writing
  • Museum
  • Woodworking
  • Reading Club Member
  • Gardening Group Member

Refine Your Mind Types List

When you are sure there are no more Mind Types to add, combine similar things (e.g., “teacher” and “professor” can become “instructor”). Types are broad categories. When we get to the point of identifying Lights, they will be specific. In other words, your type might be instructor, and the Light would be Mr. Jones, your writing teacher.

Next, prioritize your list. Types at the bottom of your list should be those least important to you. They can be eliminated. The goal is to reduce your list to the top one to three items. My Mind Types List is: Collaborators, Friends, Business.

In the next journal entries, I will address types for the other two categories, Body and Spirit.


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