Getting to Lights in My Life

I often have vivid meditations. In the meditation described below, I was presented with the concept of “Lights in my life” and reminded to do “The Work.” Although when the meditation occurred I was not completely sure what The Work or my Lights were, it inspired me to do the work necessary to unveil my entirety and help others to do the same.

An elderly woman, whom I will refer to as a grandmother, led me inside a round hut. There was a fire burning in the center. I told her I liked the fire. She said, “Yes, but look behind you.” I turned to see a number of white, burning candles of various sizes. When I turned back to her, she said, “These candles represent the Lights in your life. They are what is really important.”

She then pointed toward a pile of fibers and yarn on her left. She said, “This is where you are now.” I assumed the materials represented the Serenity Sacks I was creating for my business, Serenity Gift Boxes. This looked so far behind the candles, making me feel like I was not far enough along on my life path. I must have looked disappointed, because she said, “Don’t worry. It’s not wrong. It’s just early on in the path. Where you are headed this year,” she motioned away from the fibers and around the circle toward the lights, “is to the lights. You need to remember who all the Lights are in your life, because that is what your work is all about.”

I realized the circular hut we were in represented my life. I saw a path leading straight from the fibers to the lights. Then I saw one that wandered all over the place. I was worried I was wandering too much and not taking a direct path. As if she read my mind, the grandmother said, “Don’t worry. We all wander in and out and around the direct path. They all have the same destination. They are just different means to the same end.”

As I looked at the distance from the fibers to the lights, I knew I had a lot farther to go and became concerned I might not be on the right path with Spiritual Imprints. The grandmother said, “It does not matter. All that we do, all that we experience, leads us to our endpoint. You will get there too. It is the right work. The problem you have is that you don’t stay focused on The Work. Remember to keep coming back to The Work.”

The grandmother instructed me to record this meditation because she knew the time would come when I would stray from The Work. I could refocus by looking back on this writing and be reminded this year it is about finding the Lights in my life. Next she pointed slightly in front of the fibers on the path that led to the lights. She said, “You are here right now. This year you will concentrate on getting all the way to the lights.”


5 thoughts on “Getting to Lights in My Life

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