Discover Lights in Your Life (Part 4, Spirit Types)

My Discover Lights in Your Life series emphasizes the interconnectedness of our Mind, Body, and Spirit. The health of one area affects the health of the other two. Living a fulfilled life requires good health in all three areas. Identifying people, activities, and things to support good health in the Mind, Body, and Spirit is part of the process to discover the Lights in your life. To see more on this process, refer to my other journal entries:

  1.   The criteria to determine Lights in your life (Feelings List)
  2.   The types of Lights needed in your life (Mind Types List, Body Types List, and Spirit Types List discussed here)
  3.   A list of people, activities, and things from which your Lights will be drawn (Potential Lights List, which is a future post in this series)

When these lists are compiled, they will be used to discover the Lights you already have in your life and reveal where they may be missing.

Spirit Types

The Mind and Body Types were relatively easy to define due to their more universally accepted definitions. Spirit Types are much more difficult to describe. “Spirit” is defined as the non-physical part of a person and is often referred to as the soul. Although all types are influenced by what you believe, Spirit Types are most affected by personal beliefs. For instance, who and what appears on the Spirit Types list for a religious person will be quite different from those of an atheist.

The Spirit Types List is composed of the people, things, and activities that affect your spiritual and emotional well-being, as well as the health of your psyche. The Spirit Types List also includes who and what gives your life purpose and meaning. Your Spirit Types List should reflect your beliefs and values, and can be ethereal, mystical, metaphysical, or psychological, depending on your beliefs.

Spiritual well-being involves the relationship between our deep, inner selves and our outer environment. It is often tied to having a relationship with a higher power. It gives life purpose and meaning. It can also be enhanced through creative activities, such as music, art, or writing. Your morals and beliefs are important factors in determining what you need for spiritual well-being.

Emotions—positive and negative, joyful and painful—are a natural part of everyday life. Emotional or mental health is the ability to handle your emotions in a healthy, non-destructive manner. It is the ability to deal with ups and downs and recover from difficulties.

Your psyche includes both the conscious and unconscious mind. A healthy psyche means you have positive self-talk and can release negative, pessimistic thoughts when they occur. It doesn’t mean you never have a bad thought, but it does mean you know how to handle them when they occur. A healthy psyche needs people, activities, and things that support positive self-worth and help you to find inner peace.

Knowing your life has purpose and meaning is essential to having a healthy spirit. Some ways to do this are to connect with other people, nature, and animals. Another way is to be involved in creative ventures.

Brainstorm your Spirit Types List

Items on your Spirit Types List for your spiritual well-being might include a minister, meditation, a walk in the woods, prayer, or a shaman. They might also be your life partner, a special poem, or keeping a diary.

People, activities, or things affecting emotional well-being include playing music, friendships, caretaking a family heirloom, and mentors.

The psyche may need time alone, volunteer work, or pondering your life’s purpose.

Having a life purpose will be as unique as you and can vary from the tiniest influence to those that are universal. Someone or something that gives your life purpose and meaning might be gardening, caretaking, parenting, or teaching.

Some examples for your Spirit Types List are:

  • Family
  • Minister
  • Close personal friends
  • Best friend
  • Sacred texts
  • Pets
  • People you serve
  • Medicine man
  • Plants
  • Music
  • Family heirloom
  • Teaching
  • Playing the guitar
  • Singing
  • Volunteer work
  • Reading to your child
  • Spiritual advisor
  • Alone time
  • Writing
  • Journaling
  • Keeping a diary
  • Art exhibits
  • Meditation
  • Knitting
  • Gardening
  • Walking in nature
  • Cooking
  • Praying

Remember to brainstorm all the potential people, things, and activities that are already part of your life or you desire to have in your life. Keep the terms broad (I.e., doctor versus Dr. Smithfamily instead of Mom). This helps keep the brainstorming process from bogging down in too much detail.

It is likely some things on your lists fit into more than one category. Even if you’ve already included someone or something in your Mind or Body Types List, go ahead and list it in your Spirit Types List if is important to your spiritual health. For example, “friends” might fit in both your Mind Types List and your Spirit Types List.

Refine Your Spirit Types List

When you complete your Spirit Types List, it’s time to combine similar types. For example, “playing the guitar” and “signing” could be combined as “music.” I combined all of the living things on my Spirit Types List (i.e., family, friends, pets, those I serve, self) into “juicy relationships.” (To me, “juicy” means they are full of substance.)

I found it best to limit each Types list—Mind, Body, Spirit—to no more than three entries. This forced me to explore what was truly most important to me and what I really needed to achieve the desired feelings on my Feelings List. When it came time to identify my Lights, it made the process to match a Light with a Type more meaningful. In other words, not everyone/everything matches all of the emotions on my Feelings List. So even though I might really enjoy someone or something, it doesn’t necessarily make them one of my Lights. (More on this in the journal entry Lights in Your Life Revealed.)

In the next journal entry, we will create the Potential Lights List.


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