Discover Lights in Your Life (Part 6, Lights Revealed)

As described throughout this series, a Light is someone or something that invokes the feelings you most desire to experience. The method I used to discover my Lights involved creating these things:

  1. Feelings List – the criteria to determine Lights
  2. Mind Types List, Body Types List, and Spirit Types List – the types of Lights needed in your life
  3. Potential Lights List

These are used to reveal the Lights in your life. You can refer to two Process Maps (click on the link) to see how these work together to unveil Lights.

If you’ve been following this series, you will have created the lists shown above. Starting with the Feelings List, make sure it is prioritized. I found the first three feelings on my list—vibrant, free, appreciated—to be essential qualities in all of my Lights, whereas the other feelings were not always present in my Lights. This is because Lights support me in different ways and different aspects of my life. For instance, a Light who is supportive of my Mind may not share the same qualities of a Light who is part of my Body or Spirit types. In other words, you need to identify a subset of feelings from your Feelings List for each type.

If a Potential Light does not invoke your desired feelings, they/it are not one of your Lights and can be eliminated.

The Method

Step 1: Choose which feelings are necessary for each type

Since not all Lights will demonstrate all of the feelings on your Feelings List, you need to decide which feelings you desire for each type.

Start with the first item on your Mind Types List. Which feelings on your Feelings List are essential for this Mind Type? Continue to choose which feelings are necessary for each Mind Type. Repeat this process to select the feelings you desire to feel for the Body Types and Spirit Types. The desired feelings are a subset of the Feelings List. They will be different for each type and are the criteria used to reveal Lights.

Step 2: Compare Potential Lights to desired feelings

Using the desired feelings for each type, look at your Potential Lights List. Which of the Potential Lights, if any, invoke the desired, essential feelings for each type? If a Potential Light does not meet the criteria, eliminate it. If you are unsure, remind yourself of your top three desired feelings. Do you feel these when you are with the Potential Light?

Continue to narrow down the Potential Lights until only the true Lights in your life remain. The goal is to reveal Lights for each type on your Mind, Body, and Spirit Types Lists. However, it is likely you will not have a Light for some type(s). Missing Lights will be discussed in the next part in this series.


Using my Feelings List and my Mind Types List, here’s how it worked.

My Feelings List: Vibrant, Free, Appreciated, Supported, Safe, At ease, Not judged, Worthy

My Mind Type List: Collaborators, Friends, Business

Step 1: Choose which feelings are necessary for each type

I started with the first type on my list, collaborators. The desired feelings from my Feelings List for this type are vibrant, supported, safe, at ease, not judged, worthy. This is why I chose these feelings for collaborators:

  • When I feel vibrant, I’m more likely to participate and collaborate
  • When I feel supported, I am encouraged to try new things
  • When I feel safe, my energy is put into the collaboration effort, not into protecting myself from humiliation or ridicule
  • When I feel at ease, I have a more open mind and I am more likely to suggest a broader range of ideas
  • When I feel not judged, I am not afraid to explore ideas with others, no matter how odd or silly the idea may seem
  • When I feel worthy, I am confident and am better at collaboration

I also kept in mind my top three most desired feelings, which are vibrant, free, appreciated. Although they are not necessary for all Lights, it helped me to decide whether or not someone was a Light when I experienced only some of the feelings I had identified for each type.

Step 2: Compare Potential Lights to desired feelings

My Potential Lights for collaborators are Jason, Julie, Kerry, Donna **Please note: I have changed these names to protect their privacy.

Even though I collaborate with all these people, they are not all Lights in my life. I narrowed down this list by comparing each person to the desired feelings developed in Step 1 for collaborators. Only Julie met all the criteria; i.e., she makes me feel vibrant, supported, safe, at ease, not judged, and worthy. In addition, when I am with Julie, I feel my top three most important feelings: vibrant, free, and appreciated. Julie is one of my Lights. Jason met most of the criteria. He makes me feel vibrant, supported, safe, and worthy. When I am with Jason, I do not always feel vibrant or appreciated. So, although he is a great collaborator, he is not a Light. When I collaborate with Kerry and Donna, I feel less than half the criteria. I may collaborate with them, but they are not my Lights.

Here’s a synopsis of the process:

  1. Identify desired feelings (Feelings List)
  2. Identify types of Lights needed for the Mind, Body, and Spirit (Mind, Body, and Spirit Types Lists
  3. Identify potential Lights (Potential Lights List)
  4. Select which feelings on the Feelings List are desired for each Mind, Body, and Spirit Type
  5. Compare Potential Lights to each entry on the Mind, Body and Spirit Types Lists using desired feelings as criteria to keep or eliminate these people, activities, or objects

Here are the links to the Discover Lights in Your Life series:

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Process Maps


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