Visualization Meditation for Chronic Pain

Often when I meditate, I close my eyes and images appear. Some of the images I expect; I attribute these to my imagination. However, I am often surprised by what appears. One of these surprise visualizations was a method to remove emotional issues, which were manifesting as physical pain. I have found it effective to clear away pain before it becomes chronic.

Pain is often caused by emotional issues. It is the body’s way of letting us know we have not resolved something. The visualization tool described below removes emotional issues stored in the body.

How It Happened

I had experienced severe pain in my neck for several weeks. The muscles were so tense they actually twisted the vertebrae sideways. I’d had them realigned multiple times, but they would not stay. That is when I discovered this visualization tool to place yourself inside each chakra in order to discover who or what is there, and how they are affecting you. Here is how the meditation went:

I was lying down with my eyes closed. My spinal column was a tunnel running from below my hips all the way to the top of my head. I was standing at the entrance to this tunnel, which was located below the first chakra. I made my way up to the top of my head, stopping in each chakra and its associated body area to see what was there.

The first few chakras were fairly uneventful. I would see images of positive experiences and/or people. This made sense because I was not having pain or problems in any of their associated body areas.

When I reached my heart chakra, I was surprised to find several people there. On my right were family and friends, all of whom made me very happy. When I looked to my left, I saw someone with whom I had been quite close. We had recently had a falling out, which had hurt me deeply. I tried to reconcile with him, but that only seemed to make things worse.

Suddenly a large bubble appeared in the tunnel. I found myself moving my friend toward the bubble and then guiding him inside it. The bubble closed around him. I watched him float out of my heart, down my arm, and be handed over to a Higher Power, who was better equipped than I to handle the issue between us.

I completed the meditation, unaware of how powerful the act of letting go of the attachment to both my friend and the effects of our disagreement would be.

As I reviewed the meditation, I realized my neck was not as tight and the pain was significantly reduced. The more I thought through things, I realized the disagreement with my friend coincided with the start of the problems with my neck.

The Method Summarized

Ever since I discovered this tool, I have used it to remove current and deep-rooted past issues, which were causing pain in my body. In summary, the steps are:

  1. Sit or lie down.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Imagine a tunnel running from just below your first chakra to just above your seventh body chakra.
  4. Imagine yourself standing at the entrance to the tunnel. You can both feel and see the areas of the body surrounding each chakra. For example, if you are experiencing hip pain, stand in the associated, first chakra and look toward the pain. What or who do you see there that might be causing the problem? It might help to ask yourself if your safety or security feels threatened (first chakra issues).
  5. If you find someone or something positive in a chakra, thank them/it, and move on.
  6. When you find something or someone negative or that makes you uncomfortable, imagine a bubble large enough to fit them/it.
  7. Put them/it inside the protective bubble and imagine them leaving your body and being handed over to a Higher Power.

The first time I used this, I needed a quiet place where I would not be interrupted. After practice, I found it easier to use it to clear away my emotional attachments without having to go through every chakra. I could just go to the affected area of the body, place the person or thing I needed cleared into the protective bubble, and hand them/it over to a Higher Power to handle.

This tool works well when I truly believe it will remove the issue. Whenever I’ve harbored doubts, it does not work as well and I have to repeat the exercise.


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