Chakra Cleansing Meditation and Revitalizing Visualization

I started a meditation with the purpose of renewing my much-depleted energy. As with many of my meditations, I was surprised at what occurred.

I closed my eyes and found myself seated on a large, white, selenite slab. On either side of me were pillars of black tourmaline and dark purple amethyst. They extended high above my head. Pouring over me from above was a waterfall. It washed over me ever so delicately.

I realized the waterfall had the ability to switch between the colors of the chakras. As it alternated through the colors, the water targeted each chakra and associated body area to cleanse them. The water picked up stuck energy and emotional trauma and washed it away.

Once the cycle of colors was completed, the water transformed to contain all the colors at once. The water rainbow softly flowed over me. The feeling was so pleasant and undeniably renewing. It left me feeling completely revitalized.

I have continued to use this Chakra Cleansing Meditation to clear out emotions I don’t want held in my body. When I need to feel refreshed, I use the Revitalizing Visualization and imagine being showered with clear or rainbow-colored water.


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