Using Seasonal Energy to Let Go (May)

May is a very active, transitional month. In the northern hemisphere, plants are beginning to sprout, the days are going brighter and longer, and students are graduating to the next phase of their lives. We too can take advantage of May’s transitional energy to let go of behaviors, relationships, and things that no longer work for us.


May is represented by the number 5. Five is a very energetic number. It desires change, activity, risk, versatility, and stimulation. These traits help us navigate life and can lead to memorable adventures. In excess, they can be destructive behaviors.

Change includes the ability to adapt to situations and the need to experience new environments. Issues related to change include the inability to hold down a job, stay in one place very long, or maintain long-term relationships. Conversely, not having enough change in your life can lead to stagnation or staying in a situation long after you should. Do you get bored and change jobs too often? Do you just get settled in a place and then want to move? Are you unable to stay committed in relationships? Are you in a situation you do not want to be in, but are unable to make a change?

Activity involves movement. Examples are travel, sports, and exercise. Too much activity can result in injury or exhaustion. Not enough activity can lead to boredom or obesity. Are you obsessed with exercise to the point you regularly injure yourself? Do you want to travel but haven’t taken the steps necessary to do so? Are you exhausted due to filling your day with one activity after another? Are you stuck in a routine that leaves you bored?

Risk is related to unpredictability, a sense of danger, and the stimulation these provide. Some risk is healthy, like trying a new food, but irresponsible risk taking can lead to loss of money, friends, or your life. Are you afraid to try anything new? Do you gamble to the point of losing money you can’t spare? Have you lost relationships due to your risky behaviors?

Versatility includes flexibility and variety. Issues related to versatility include the need for many, many choices or the opposite, being unable to accept variety. Are you stuck in your ways and can’t tolerate new ideas? Do you need seven new business concepts when two is enough? Do you follow the same pattern every day no matter what?

Stimulation involves exciting the senses. Issues arise when there is a constant need for stimulation. This can lead to addiction, excessive risk taking, and self-indulgence. Not enough stimulation can result in deterioration of the mind and body. Are you always looking for the next adrenaline rush? Do you engage in risky behaviors because of the high you experience? Are you not learning anything new and letting your mind deteriorate? Are you judgmental of others who are willing to try new things?

I used the energy of May to let go of my need to have a plan and be more spontaneous and adventurous. This piggybacked nicely on to the energy of April, when I let go of working all the time as described in Using Seasonal Energy to Let Go (April). As I discussed for April, I had a tendency to plan every day. In May, I stopped asking my family every morning what their plan was for the day. Then, during a meditation, I was told not to be afraid of new doors; let them open. I was also told to experience the moment and not get lost in the doing. Be really present in order to get the experience. I wrote the advice down. When I visited my daughter, who is not a planner, I referred to this advice every day. It led to a much more relaxed trip, I was a better house guest, and I had a truly great time.

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5 thoughts on “Using Seasonal Energy to Let Go (May)

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