Using Seasonal Energy to Let Go (July)

July’s active energy is related to accomplishment. The energy of July is also associated with seeking out truth, regardless of the subject matter.

This entry is part of the series Using Seasonal Energy to Let Go, which examines the use of each month’s energy to release things that no longer positively support you. To read the previous entries, click on the links below:

January – releasing issues related to will, independence, determination, stubbornness, entrepreneurship, new beginnings, or isolation

February – releasing things related to communication, collaboration, cooperation, partnerships, and relationships

March – releasing items related to creativity, imagination, and expression

April – releasing issues related to structure, planning, organization, patience, and productivity

May – releasing issues involving change, activity, risk, versatility, and stimulation

June – releasing issues concerning relationships, family, love, nurturing, and balance


July is represented by the number 7. The energy of 7 is related to faith, spirituality, inner wisdom, and directed study. July’s energy encourages contemplation, looking within, uncovering the truth, and solitary pursuits, like studying or meditating. It is a good opportunity to remove barriers stopping you from these kind of objectives or to release negative thoughts and behaviors related to these areas.

Faith is about believing and trusting in yourself, someone else, or something greater than yourself. It is the conviction that something is true even when there may not be physical proof. Issues arise when we are unable to trust in ourselves, lose confidence in our abilities, or do not believe anyone else can be trusted. Do you avoid life because you are afraid? Do you miss opportunities because you to not believe in your capabilities? Do you have to do everything yourself because you cannot trust anyone else?

Spirituality includes religion, trusting in something outside of ourselves, or belief in a higher power. Spirituality issues arise when too much trust or authority is placed in someone or something, such as a cult, teacher, or one all-authoritative person. Or blindly following along and failing to seek out the truth when you suspect something is not quite right. Do you participate in a group that persecutes others who do not share their beliefs? Do you continue to take part in something you don’t think is ethical because everyone else is going along with it?

Inner wisdom is about knowing your own truths, including what you believe and what you tolerate. Inner wisdom is also knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to trust your intuition. Problems to address include not knowing what you believe, lacking tolerance for those who are different, not knowing what you are good at or where you need help, or ignoring or distrusting your intuition. Do you have a habit you do not like but are unwilling to look at what belief is driving it? Does your body give you intuitive knowledge you ignore to your own demise? Do you know what you strengths and weaknesses are?

Directed study is the intense, thorough, and in-depth look at a subject. The subject matter can be anything from a college degree to more personal things, like spirituality or becoming a healer. Is there something you are interested in but have not pursued? Are you concerned you will become too narrow-focused or is there some other self-inflicted barrier keeping you from studying an interest? Are you afraid to look within and do the work necessary to identify your own truths?

I used the energy of July to let go of the roadblocks keeping me from more intensely looking within. As I’ve mentioned in other entries, I have a tendency to be a workaholic and fill every moment with activity. I was justifying the endless list of tasks as being “necessary.” Sure, some things on my to do list were required, but many could have been handed off to someone else or put off. I needed to make time for the seeking out my own truths, which required time for contemplation, study, and meditation. Although I said Spiritual Imprint work was important to me, I did not act that way.

The first step I took was to identify and prioritize those things and activities related to discovering my truths. These were meditating, writing, and reading/studying. I also included working out, massage, and yoga because these activities helped to clear my mind and body of negative energy and thoughts, making way for the truth to reveal itself. With these items prioritized, I scheduled one or two of them every day.

It has not always been easy to keep these activities at the forefront, but raising my awareness supported making better decisions about how to spend my time in order to further Spiritual Imprint work.


3 thoughts on “Using Seasonal Energy to Let Go (July)

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