Using Seasonal Energy to Let Go (August)

Letting go of people, activities, and things that no longer serve a purpose is integral to our growth and evolution. I use the energy associated with each month to concentrate on specific areas where I need to release something or someone. This entry is part of the series Using Seasonal Energy to Let Go, which examines the use of each month’s energy for release. To read the previous entries, click on the links below:

January – releasing issues related to will, independence, determination, stubbornness, entrepreneurship, new beginnings, or isolation

February – releasing things related to communication, collaboration, cooperation, partnerships, and relationships

March – releasing items related to creativity, imagination, and expression

April – releasing issues related to structure, planning, organization, patience, and productivity

May – releasing issues involving change, activity, risk, versatility, and stimulation

June – releasing issues concerning relationships, family, love, nurturing, and balance

July – releasing issues related to faith, spirituality, inner wisdom, and directed study

The energy of 8 is related to professional ability, finances, abundance, power, and control.

Professional ability relates to how you operate in the business world. It includes leadership, business visionary ability, and business acumen. Issues related to professional ability can show up as arrogance, manipulation, or corruption. Not accepting that you have professional ability is also an issue. Do people not want to work with you because you only want things done your way? Are you capable of taking on more responsibility at work, but choose not to?

Finances includes money and the ability to work with money or investments. Issues related to finances involve placing too much focus on having enough money, misuse of funds, or spending more than you can afford. The opposite are also issues: not focussing enough on finances, underinvesting, or withholding payment without reason. Are you careless with money? Do you overdraft often because you don’t pay attention to your bank balance? Do use money as a way to control someone?

Abundance is having plenty of the resources you require or desire. These may be time, energy, money, food, or happiness. Issues related to abundance that need to be released include hoarding or wasting resources. Denying yourself abundance or living in fear you won’t have enough may also be issues. Do you keep everything because you believe you may have a need for it someday? Do you keep things because you confuse them with the feelings attached to them? Do you deny yourself happiness or wealth because you were taught it was wrong?

Power comes in many forms, including from within or authority due to size, position, or wealth. Power from within, personal power, is a good thing unless it is misused to control or hurt others. Lack of personal power is an issue and can lead to be taken advantage of. Authority is useful to run businesses and families, but becomes abusive when exerted without cause or when it leads to corruption or manipulation. Do you fail to exercise your personal power? Do you use your size to purposely intimidate others to get what you want? Have you forgotten to appreciate your employees?

Control associated with the energy of 8 is control over a situation or over others. In this sense, control is a form of power. Sometimes control is necessary, such as when crossing a busy street with a 3-year-old or when negotiating a difficult business opportunity. Control is an issue when it is overused, such as to always get your way or because you fear not having control. It also needs to be addressed if you are incapable of ever being in control. Do you constantly manipulate situations so they go your way? Are you afraid of letting your child make decisions and have to maintain control?

I used the energy of August to release my fear of not having enough. It was not that I wanted to always get what I wanted. It was the fear itself that was getting in the way. It often kept me from seeing opportunities and enjoying life because I was afraid of using my resources (time, energy, money). It’s not that I needed to stop paying attention to these completely, it was the obsessive time and energy I put into trying to manage them. I conserved time in a way that meant I was not good at being spontaneous, missing opportunities I later regretted. I used my energy early in the day to accomplish everything for fear I would either run out of time or energy to get it all done, which resulted in exhausting myself (a self-fulfilling prophecy, perhaps?). I kept money in several places so I would always have a place to draw from just in case something unforeseen occurred, which increased the time and energy necessary to keep track of where everything was—I often found money tucked in some pocket I had long since forgotten. These behaviors had the opposite effect I desired. To manage my time, energy, and money so tightly meant I was using up my valued resources instead of increasing them.

Stoping the behavior meant a change in my belief. I had identified the belief (I won’t have enough). Next I needed to change it. I used the steps I discuss in my book, The Impact of Belief:  Learning to Take control of Your Life, to change my behavior. Letting go of the fear has resulted in a more relaxed approach to life. In addition, my body has also benefitted. My digestive functions, to include food tolerance, have greatly improved.


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