Body Feedback, Our Intuitive Selves

Medical intuition teaches that every injury or illness has an emotional component. Emotional issues left unrecognized or unresolved affect the area of the body most closely associated with that particular issue. For example, unresolved problems with a loved one often cause lower back issues, one of the body’s areas associated with love.

In a nutshell:

Emotional component Associated area of the body
Safety and security Skin, bones, joints, hair
Love, money, creativity Sex organs, low back, hips, bladder
Work, responsibility, self-esteem Weight, liver, pancreas, kidneys, adrenals
Capacity to love and be loved Heart, lungs, breasts
Knowing when to speak and when to listen Throat, thyroid, neck, jaw
Mind, intellect Eyes, ears, brain
Spirit, life purpose Life-threatening illnesses

Our bodies intuitively know when we are worried about something, but not addressing it or letting it fester. Physical ailments give clues to what is going on with us emotionally. This body feedback can also be used to identify things that are bothering us that we may not be aware of.

In addition to our bodies taking on our own emotional issues, sometimes we are sensitive to others’ problems. As I trusted my intuition more, I became more sensitive to what was going on for someone else. It started with those I was closest to. I would suddenly have pain that seemingly came from nowhere and didn’t understand why I was having it. Then I would find out someone in my family was having pain in the same area, but with cause. I had to start asking myself, Is this my issue or someone else’s?


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