Using Seasonal Energy to Let Go (September)

September is a completion month. In the northern hemisphere, summer is coming to a close and in the southern hemisphere, winter is ending. The year’s goals should be nearing completion. The month of September is the time to release items holding you back from finishing projects or completing goals.


September is represented by the number 9. The energy of 9 is related to philanthropy, compassion, support, sacrifice, and completion. It can be a very giving number as well as a very demanding one if not managed well. Finding a balance between too little and too much of each of these traits is the challenge.

Philanthropy includes charity, humanity, kindness, and generosity. Items to release related to philanthropy might include giving too much, being impractical, or the opposite, not giving at all. Do you regularly short yourself in order to give to others? Do you have the resources (time, energy, money) to help someone who truly needs help, but you don’t?

Compassion is empathy, mercy, and tolerance. Items to address in relation to compassion might include tolerating your significant other’s annoying habit or being more empathetic toward a co-worker. Empathizing is good; making yourself sick with worry is not. Do you get too involved in other’s problems? Do you need to adopt more tolerance for your annoying, but well-meaning neighbors?

Support can be for yourself or to offer to others. Support can be comfort, encouragement, advocacy, or assistance. As with all forms of giving, balance is key. Offering or taking too much support is not healthy or helpful. Too much support can result in others feeling like you do not trust them to do things on their own. Do you look for support in areas where you don’t really need it? Do you always solve your children’s problems when they are capable on their own?

Sacrifice is giving up something of value to you for the sake of another. Items you might sacrifice include your possessions or resources, including your time. Sacrifice becomes an issue when it turns to martyrdom. Not being willing to ever give up something you value for someone else is also an issue, and can result in selfishness. Do you give of yourself in order to feel of value? Are you unwilling to sacrifice some time to help someone else?

Completion is the ability to finish or end something. Because September is the ninth month, goals you set for the year should be complete or nearly complete. Completion can become an issue if it drives you to always need closure. Do you lose interest in a projects and leave them incomplete? Are you unable to let issues go because you always need closure?

I used the energy of September to release my need to be supported by others in my latest venture. I was disappointed when I shared my new idea with a few of my friends, I was met with resistance. I found myself defending my ideas rather than expanding on them. Although the rejection challenged me to refine things for the better, I felt unsupported. I doubted myself and stopped working on something I enjoyed. Then I remembered the authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul received close to 150 rejections when they were trying to get published. Had they let that stop them, the highly successful series would have never existed. They believed in their idea even when others were not ready to do so. Following their lead, I decided to continue to develop and pursue the idea I believed in.

I trusted in myself and let go of the need for outside support. Once I did, I realized the people I was sharing my idea with were not my target audience, which explained their behavior. Letting go of my need for their support and approval allowed me to move forward, create something I enjoyed, and share my ideas in a way that was helpful to some.

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