What if Raven, Hawk, and Eagle came to dinner?

A raven, a hawk, and an eagle all crossed my path on the same day. This unusual occurrence got me to thinking, What if a raven, a hawk, and an eagle all came to dinner? What would the conversation be like?

Ravens are associated with magic, prophecy, mind, thought, wisdom, and shape-shifting (change, rebirth). Hawks represent power, vision, perception, and are considered the carriers of prayers to heaven. Eagles bring vision, clarity, healing, and are associated with creation. There is a common thread of seeing clearly (present and future), changing (magic, prayer, healing), and creating (rebirth, vision). So, I imagined the dinner conversation going like this:

Me: I thought we’d take a moment to get to know each other a little bit. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Raven: I am a warning to heighten your awareness. I am a reminder to take action and be aware of your perception. I am a catalyst for seeing opportunities.

Hawk: I warn you to increase your awareness so you don’t miss something important. I remind you your physical perception can be misleading. Remember to trust you emotional and intuitive senses.

Eagle: I am the bringer of visionary experience and the catalyst for creativity. I am helpful for healing and connect the physical world with the spiritual.

Me: Why did you cross my path today?

Raven: I’ve heard you say you are a proponent of change, yet you often fight it and fear it. What is the biggest change or opportunity you can imagine? What barriers keep you from seeing it? Why can’t you accept that it can be true? By the way, you should ask yourself why you saw me first.

Hawk: You still fill your days with tasks. You feel accomplishment, but emptiness. This is something you need to ponder. Why don’t you engage your Lights more? We have a lot in common, yet are distinctively different; that is, our value is different. What is valuable to you? Consider redirecting your life so that which is most valuable to you is present more often.

Eagle: You are still afraid of your visionary ability. What’s the worst case scenario for sharing what you see? Who has made you so afraid of this gift?

Eagle: In a hierarchy, the raven and hawk would answer to me. Who answers to you and how do you treat them?

Eagle: Also, do you experience your core, desired feelings everyday? How could you?

Me: Thank you. You’ve given me a lot to think about.

Me: If you could ask the other two guests something, what would you ask?

Raven: I have dark feathers and am often associated with darkness, so I would ask Hawk what’s so special about light? I would ask Eagle how to widen my horizons and sharpen my focus.

Hawk: I would ask Raven how to discern between positive and negative opportunities. I would ask Eagle if I could fly higher, what would I gain?

Eagle: I would not ask anything more. We can each learn from the questions already asked. Instead, I would offer this advice. Raven, Be more considerate of those less capable. You appear aloof. Hawk, Show up more often. It gives people hope and clarity.

Lots of food for thought. Now if I can just decide what I should serve them for dinner . . .


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