Using Seasonal Energy to Let Go (October, November, December)

I combined the last three months into one entry to conclude this series, Using Seasonal Energy to Let Go. I did this because October, November, and December share energies with previous months.

October, a number 1 month, has a similar energy to January; November, a number 2 month, has a similar energy to February; and December, a number 3 month, has a similar energy to March. Use the links below to read more about using energy to let go for other months:

January – releasing issues related to will, independence, determination, stubbornness, entrepreneurship, new beginnings, or isolation

February – releasing things related to communication, collaboration, cooperation, partnerships, and relationships

March – releasing items related to creativity, imagination, and expression

April – releasing issues related to structure, planning, organization, patience, and productivity

May – releasing issues involving change, activity, risk, versatility, and stimulation

June – releasing issues concerning relationships, family, love, nurturing, and balance

July – releasing issues related to faith, spirituality, inner wisdom, and directed study

August – releasing issues related to professional ability, finances, abundance, power, and control

September – releasing issues concerning philanthropy, compassion, support, sacrifice, and completion

October, November, December

If there are unresolved issues relating to the energy of October, November, and December, then I use that month to address the issue. If not, I move on to other issues that either cropped up later in the year, long after I had established my Letting Go list for the year, or to concentrate on issues with recurring themes. For example, I used October to let go of my fear of failure. This fear comes and goes, and I don’t always recognize it. It masks itself well. It may show up as having huge to do lists, which do not allow time to focus on something I’m afraid I’ll fail at. Or it may hide behind a smaller success where I’ve accomplished something, but could have aimed higher. Or it might be an opportunity I missed because I was afraid. Whatever it looks like, it recurs, so I attached it to October, whose energy include new beginnings, will, and entrepreneurship.

In November, I looked at my attachment to how the holidays should be, another recurring theme for me. I have a very mixed family. My parents were divorced when I was 3, so holidays were times of turbulence, spent with relatives I barely knew or consoling a depressed parent. As an adult, I spent many years attempting to create the holiday I envisioned, only to be disappointed. After all, my view of how it should be didn’t necessarily match the views of those with whom I was sharing the holiday. Since November’s energy relates to relationships, I attached letting go of how I envisioned my time with family and friends. Instead I let them unfold however they might. This approach led to much less stress and disappointment.

For December, I worked on letting go of trying to please everyone. I expressed the desire to please by creating my vision of the perfect environment. I worked tirelessly to make sure the house was clean and neat, prepare foods to fit everyone’s tastes, and buy the perfect gifts. Instead of enjoying the holiday and the company for what and who they were, I was stressed out and exhausted. I attached letting go of my tendency to try to please others to December because December is about expression and because this behavior is most prevalent for me during the holidays.


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