Hematite Healing Properties, Fact or Fiction?

Many minerals are credited with magical and healing properties. Their effectiveness is different for each person and is based on their beliefs, body chemistry, and how often the mineral is used before the person decides it is or isn’t working. I like to test the reported properties of minerals before I recommend them to others. Hematite is one of the minerals I chose to investigate to determine if its reported healing properties were accurate.

Last winter my extremities would go numb when I was hiking. I don’t tolerate cold well, so I blamed my numbness on temperature. But, since I was hiking above 8000 feet on trails that changed elevation rapidly, it was suggested I might be hypoxic or have Raynaud’s Disease. Whichever it might be, lack of blood flow to my fingers and toes was concerning.

When researching possible natural solutions, I came across hematite. Hematite is most often associated with grounding, mental clarity, and focus; however, hematite is also believed to help with blood disorders, such as anemia, and blood flow problems, like Raynaud’s. This property may have been known for centuries since the origin of the word hematite is the Greek word haima, which translates as blood.

I decided to give hematite a try. The next time I went hiking, I wore a hematite ring, and I did not experience any numbness. The same has been true every hike since—and there have been many. So, maybe there is something to this? I wanted to experiment more.

Then, someone complained to me about how painful his fingers had become. They ached and he had trouble bending them. He thought it was probably arthritis. I lent him one of my hematite rings, which he wore next to an affected joint. The ring brought him enough relief that he has since bought hematite rings of his own for each affected finger. He wears them faithfully and reports reduced pain and increased mobility. Although most studies associate magnets with possibly helping arthritis, non-magnetic hematite appeared to do the trick. (Note: hematite is comprised of mostly iron oxide, which is not magnetic. Hematite that is magnetic has been put through a process to give it magnetic properties. Regardless, I personally don’t like magnets on my body. I’m too sensitive to their properties, but many people seem to like the sensation and benefits.)

Whether a placebo effect or the real deal, the results have convinced me. I’m always going to wear a hematite ring when I hike and am comfortable recommending hematite to others.


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