When Hematite Decides it is Done

Hematite is fairly fragile, so it’s probably not the best stone for a ring you want to last forever. If you are wearing one for healing purposes, you probably already know that even though it can easily crack or shatter, it does not always do so. Is it just random, or does hematite decide when it is done?

As discussed in my prior entry, Hematite Healing Properties, Fact or Fiction?, hematite is associated with grounding, mental clarity, focus, protection from negative energy, and assisting with blood and blood flow issues, such as anemia or Raynaud’s. I’ve used hematite rings successfully for decreasing my Raynaud’s symptoms, and had someone test hematite for helping reduce pain and stiffness in finger joints.

I wondered how long the hematite rings in this case would survive since he wore them pretty much all of the time, even when using hand tools. Knowing hematite rings are purported to break once they have absorbed too much negative energy or when they have done all they can to heal, this seemed like an opportunity to test the theory. Would the rings break from being worn during physical labor or would they break because the healing was complete?

A week went by after I began to ponder this idea, then one of the rings broke. It shattered while he was digging with a shovel, so it appeared to have broken only because it had been struck. However, he was surprised to discover he could completely bend the finger and had no pain in the joint. Knowing a test case of one was not enough, I decided this could just be coincidental . . . until the second ring broke a few days later. Although the second joint was not as substantially improved as the first, it was still significantly better—far less pain and much more mobility. Had the hematite rings done all they could and decided they were done?

At this point, I need to run more experiments to convince myself the rings’ breaking did not just happen to occur when some other factor reduced the pain and increased the ability to bend the fingers. Also, since hematite rings are said to break when they’ve absorbed too much negative energy, I’d like to try cleansing the rings (see Cleansing and Clearing Minerals) to see if they will last longer. And, I wonder, when the ring breaks, is there any significance to the number of pieces?


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