What Medicine Does Hawk Bring?

I kneel in silent meditation. A hawk is standing behind me. His wings encircle me, as if I’m wearing him as a cloak. I am relaxed, warm, and feel incredibly safe. Is he guarding me from something? If so, I don’t know what that would be. Is there a message he wishes me to hear? I can’t tell because he doesn’t speak. Does his unexpected presence portend something? I am confused, but I have no desire to leave the comfort of his embrace. So, I drift in and out of my meditation wondering why the hawk has come . . .

Hawks have been after my attention for the past three weeks. Two unexpectedly swooped down and barely missed running into my car. Three repeatedly circled my house until I came outside and acknowledged their presence. One kept perching on the hill behind my house and was not at all spooked by my presence. At least one hawk appeared every time I left the house. One came on the same day as a raven and eagle (see What if Raven, Hawk, and Eagle Came to Dinner?). The examples go on and on. And, of course, there was the oversized one protecting me in my meditation.

What medicine does hawk bring? I wanted to understand what the hawk was attempting to communicate. So, I brainstormed this list of hawk attributes:

  • visionary
  • excellent hunters
  • see the whole picture and the detail
  • stealthy, silent
  • loyal
  • territorial
  • fast
  • strong, powerful
  • glide with ease
  • can locate wind currents and accept their help to soar
  • fluidity
  • truly in the moment
  • focussed, direct, clear
  • predator
  • planner
  • cooperative, communal
  • feared
  • observer
  • streamlined
  • purposeful, direct
  • protected
  • clever
  • parental
  • free
  • elegant

Hawk medicine is widely recognized as powerful, and I wouldn’t mind embodying many of the hawk’s attributes. Several of these hawk traits align with my goals and affirmations for the year. Perhaps the message is to pay particular attention to these?

Although I’m not yet sure why hawks keep appearing, I continue seeking an understanding. Regardless of why they keep showing up, seeing them takes me back to the welcomed serenity I experienced when embraced by the hawk in my meditation. For now, that is enough.


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