Should Feelings be Our Only Guide?

I’m intrigued by the concepts on emotional responses presented by Danielle LaPorte, Sydney Banks, and Michael Neill. Their passionate trust employing feelings to direct their lives and the results they have realized are admirable. So, although I appreciate the benefits to being aware of how feelings affect or even control me, I have a difficult time trusting only feelings to guide me.

Danielle LaPorte, author of The Desire Map, has done a lot to thrust feelings into the forefront for goal setting and navigating life. Acknowledging the importance of my feelings has helped me to grow. In fact, Part 1 of my Discover Lights in Your Life series describes discovering my most desired feelings as the first step to identify my Lights. The process to unveil my Lights opened my eyes to truth about people in my life I had not seen before recognizing my desired feelings, but feelings were not the sole contributor.

Michael Neill’s book, The Inside Out Revolution, documents the principles resulting from the enlightenment of Sydney Banks over 30 years ago. Simply put, a change in thought creates a change in circumstances. Neill asserts that feelings are the gauge of what we should and should not be doing, acting as the barometer for what our actions are meant to be. He states we are not in control, our lives are pre-ordained, and free will only gets in the way of the life we are meant to lead. Although I didn’t accept the assertion about free will, I am willing to place more emphasis on my emotional responses to guide me. I am not willing to abandon free will or rely only on feelings—especially since I have often misinterpreted a situation. My feelings were in concert with my misinterpretations. Following only them could have resulted in inappropriate responses or actions I may have regretted later.

Often my intuitions come in the form of feelings rather than by visual or auditory means such as dreams and meditations. The source of information presented through intuition—all memory accessed through the force that moves through all things and spirit—is universally available. I trust my intuitions, which means I should inherently trust my feelings. However, I still have to decipher my emotional responses and choose how to react, which I interpret as engaging my free will.

Perhaps I’m looking at it wrong, misinterpreting the concepts, or am unable to understand due to my beliefs. Regardless, I admit the increased emphasis on my feelings has shifted my perspective, provided me with an additional way to interpret my world and experiences, and has impacted my actions and reactions.


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