An Intermingling of Spirits

Hiking is a very meditative experience for me. It is why I often hike alone and on seldom used trails. I use the time to clear my body of unwanted, destructive thoughts and emotions. I expand my awareness in order to sense the natural environment around me, and to hear my inner voice speak.

I was trying a new hiking trail when I came across a grove of saguaro. I was overcome with a powerful sense of belonging and froze in place. The emotions I was feeling were so strong and positive that I did not want to leave. I was experiencing an intense intermingling of spirits—those of the cacti with mine—and I didn’t want it to end.

Some people sense the spirit that moves through all living things more easily or more acutely than others. It can be tapped into when you need assistance connecting with someone. I’ve always had an awareness of its presence, and used it to help in healing rituals, to assist in difficult communications, or to increase my understanding of someone or something. But this experience with the spirit that move through all things on the hiking trail was far more intense than usual.

My spirit was intertwined with the saguaro in a way that made me feel welcome, warm, loved, appreciated, and invigorated. I wondered if the cacti were getting as much out of this experience as I? How did they perceive the energy I was intentionally sending back to them? Did they feel emotion or share the same essence of connection with me that I felt with them?

This event happened at a very appropriate time. As described in my last journal entry, Discouraged, I was questioning my direction and feeling down. Unexpectedly experiencing such an extraordinary intermingling of spirits renewed my desire to learn more about the spirit that moves through all living things and how that relates to Spiritual Imprints.


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