Spiritual Imprint Redefined

When I started this journal/blog, I defined what a Spiritual Imprint was (see Definition/Navigation). After spending considerable time devoted to The Work on my own Spiritual Imprint, I felt the original definition was lacking, so I created a map to better define it.

All knowledge, beings, and spirit are available to all of us at any time, thus we ARE all we need to know. This is true for the past, present, and future because time is not linear. All available possibilities—knowledge, experiences, talents, spiritual connections, history, etc—are shown surrounding my spiritual imprint, which represents their availability to me should I choose to access them. In other words, an individual’s spiritual imprint is made up of a subset of what is universally available. For example, outside of my spiritual imprint are universal cycles, such as the seasons, moon phases, and years. My cycles are a subset of these. I will live for some seasons and years; however, universal cycles will go on before and after me. Similarly, all experience for all beings exists, but I will only be exposed to some, which are my personal experiences.


Supporting an individual’s spiritual imprint are belief and choice. Beliefs affect what we experience, how we act, and the choices we make, which continually morph our spiritual imprint. A spiritual imprint is not standalone nor static. It is affected by and affects that of others and dynamic. The Work to unveil our entirety involves discovering how to access the information surrounding us.


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