After becoming quite discouraged over the drop in views of Spiritual Imprint, I took considerable time to reflect on why I was writing it (and doing so publicly).

For awhile . . . quite awhile . . . I felt like giving up and just stopping, but I remembered the advice I gave to so many authors when I worked for a publishing company, write first and foremost for yourself. Writing for yourself means picking topics you are passionate about AND never letting the critics—and there are many—cause you to become discouraged. Taking my own advice was hard, especially since I was wading deeply in self-pity, which wanted to blind me to my truth. It took a long, quiet meditation to get me to realize the writing was to record The Work I felt so passionate about. I had no intention to stop searching for more knowledge related to Spiritual Imprints. Recording what I leaned was writing for myself, even though I wanted to share the insights with others to help them evolve. So, I mapped a better definition of Spiritual Imprints, Spiritual Imprint Redefined  and can move on with learning and my evolution.


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