Seven Spheres of Personal Influence

One of my teachers described our interface with the world through the use of concentric spheres. He used the analogy of a radio, describing tuning into the frequency of each sphere in order to connect with its associated information, beings, or capabilities. The spheres or bands were divided into those closest to us, those considered to be part of the Force (the force that moves through all things), and bands of spirit.

The closest seven spheres surrounding us are ego, personal memory, all memory, primal self, instinctual self, body control, and self-healing.

In terms of our spiritual imprint, ego is the place where we uniquely exist. It is defined by the body-mind-spirit boundary that contains our individual self. Ego is our self-definition, self-image, self-esteem, and our consciousness. It is our personal identity.

Personal memory stores memories from what we have directly experienced. When I can’t remember something, I tap into this sphere. I imagine walking to a large pond, which I trust holds all my memories, and ask the pond to help me remember. Then I completely forget about the item I can’t recall. Sometime later, the memory pops up, as if the pond has answered my request.

All memory is where everyone’s memories—past, present, and future—can be tapped into. The existence of this band is why I describe revealing our entirety versus creating it. In other words, if all memory already exists, then the memory of our past, present, and future exists and can be discovered.

Primal self is associated with protecting oneself or one’s family. When you hear about someone doing the impossible, such as lifting a car off someone to prevent them from being crushed, or acting in a animal fashion, such as having incredible tracking skills, this ability is housed in the sphere of the primal self.

Closely associated with the primal self, is the instinctual self. In fact, I often hear primal self and instinctual self used interchangeably. However, instinctual self is more of an inherent ability, like when you just do something and don’t really know how you knew to do it. When your survival is in question, it is the instinctual self that responds.

Body Control is the ability to surpass the normal limitations of the body. I’ve accessed this in order to submerge myself in a freezing cold stream as part of my training. The water should have caused hypothermia, but keeping my consciousness in this band helped me to stay warm.

Self-healing is the ability to heal yourself using your mind and energy.

These bands have been on my mind lately because I’ve been wondering, since we are all connected, at what point do we actually blend together? Where does our spiritual imprint boundary end? Is it just after the sphere of personal memory, where the sphere of all memory begins or perhaps it is just before the bands of force begin? Perhaps it is not that defined. I suspect it’s more of a blending and less of a defined, solid boundary. I certainly have more to explore here.


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