Letting Go: The Box of Dead Things

Tools help get jobs done. Hammers, wrenches, and drills improve on what we can do with our hands. Pipes, crosses, and rosaries help us focus to connect with something bigger than ourselves. When it came to letting go of things that no longer served me, I wanted a tool to help me remove them. And, thus, the Box of Dead Things came to be.

When we have something—an environment, experience, behavior, or relationship—that no longer fits in our life, we need a way to let it go. One tool is to use visualization to put the unnecessary item somewhere it can no longer affect us, such as in a box. When the idea of the Box of Dead Things was first presented to me in a meditation, it was made of green stone. I searched for such a box and found one made of malachite, which all of my imaginary boxes are now modeled after. Malachite is an appropriate material since it is considered to promote positive transformation and healing. It is also believed to absorb negative energy. A box is also an appropriate symbol, since it can securely contain its contents.

Here’s how my visualization to let go using the Box of Dead Things works:

After entering a meditative state, I call in what I’m letting go of (habit, relationship, experience, memory, etc). I visualize a malachite box sitting before me. I pull off the lid and place what I’m letting go of inside it. Then I carry the box to a cave deep beneath the earth. The cave is carved out of solid rock and lined with shelves. The symbology is simple. The cave is deep in the rocks where the items placed there will be secure, unable to reenter my life once I’ve chosen to truly let them go. The earth decomposes things and reabsorbs them in a way that is beneficial.

I place my Box of Dead Things on the shelf next to those I’ve put there before. The boxes remain on the shelves as a reminder of how I became who I am. It’s a way of honoring all that I’ve placed there for helping me to evolve without letting the negativity affect me.

Although I have placed many relationships, experiences, habits, and memories in a Box of Dead Things, I didn’t write about it for a long time because I was worried the name might be offensive or imply something sinister. I attempted to rename this tool, but it would have no part of that. It appeared as part of many meditations and I couldn’t stop referring to it as the Box of Dead Things. Knowing how much it has helped me, I decided to take a chance and reveal it as is.


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