Bubble Meditation: Heal pain, anxiety, emotional wounds

The Bubble Meditation is a self-healing technique for pain relief, anxiety reduction, and removal of emotional wounds. I first described this meditation in Visualization Meditation for Chronic Pain, but I felt it worth expanding on because it has many applications other than chronic pain.

Source of the Problem and Chakras

The Bubble Meditation employs the chakra system to uncover the source of pain, anxiety, or memory of past physical or emotional wounds. The physical location of pain in the body gives clues as to the emotional source. As a reference, the chakras and a few of their associated areas are presented below.


Physical Areas

Emotional Areas

1 Base or root

Skin, bones, hair, immune system, blood

Safety, security

2 Sacral

Sex organs, low back, hips, bladder

Relationships, love, money, creativity

3 Solar Plexus

Weight, liver, adrenals, kidneys, pancreas

Work, responsibility, self-image

4 Heart

Heart, lungs, breasts

Ability to love and be loved, children

5 Throat

Neck, thyroid, mouth

Knowing when to listen and when to speak

6 Third eye

Ears, eyes, brains

Mind, intellect

7 Crown

Life-threatening illness

Purpose in life

The Method

The Bubble Meditation works best when you intend and believe it will work. The point is to remove pain, anxiety, and emotional wounds before they cause chronic, physical issues.

Once you are comfortable with the process, you don’t have to visit every chakra when you use the Bubble Meditation. If you are experiencing a specific pain or emotion, you can go directly to the associated chakra to discover the source, place it in a bubble, and release it from your body.

  1. Sit or lie down.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Imagine a tunnel running from just below your first chakra to just above your seventh body chakra.
  4. Imagine yourself standing at the entrance to the tunnel. Focus your awareness so you can feel, hear, smell, see, and/or sense the area of the body surrounding each chakra. You may find you have one or two senses that are most helpful in assessing each area.
  5. Move to the base chakra. Do you have any pain here? If so, where is it specifically (i.e., skin, leg bone, immune issue, etc)? Focus your attention on that area. What or who do you see, hear, smell, feel, or sense there that might be causing the problem? It might help to ask yourself if your safety or security feels threatened (first chakra issues).
  6. If you find someone or something positive, thank them/it, and move on.
  7. When you find something or someone negative or that makes you uncomfortable, imagine a bubble large enough to fit them/it.
  8. Put them/it inside the protective bubble and imagine them/it leaving your body and being handed over to a Higher Power to handle. You are no longer holding on to the pain or emotion attached to them/it.
  9. Repeat steps 5 to 8 for each chakra.

When you place someone or something in a bubble for a higher power to deal with, it does not necessarily mean they are being removed from your life. If someone or something is harmful to you, then by all means, let them/it go. However, sometimes a person has caused us pain, but we want to let go of the event, not the person. Or perhaps we experience anxiety watching someone else go through painful events, so we need to hand them over to a higher power for help, but not remove them from our lives. The Bubble Meditation is to remove the hurt from our bodies so we can stay healthy.

As I became more practiced with the Bubble Meditation, I could concentrate on the troublesome area and take care of it without having to find a quiet location, close my eyes, or go to every chakra. Now that it is a habit, I can be in a crowd of people and still use it effectively.


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