Dealing with Anxiety (Part 1)

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point. This year has given us ample opportunity. Anxiety occurs when we are uncertain about what is going to happen or anticipate an expected, and often negative, future event or potential outcome. Whether real or imagined, fear of what might happen makes us anxious.

The causes of anxiety are many, which explains why everyone feels anxious at one time or another. Examples of anxiety-causing experiences include fear of flying, public speaking, being alone, going to the doctor, political behaviors, world events, and meeting someone new.

Although logically it makes no sense to have anxiety over outcomes we cannot control, it is part of being human. It is important to deal with anxiety by recognizing, acknowledging, feeling, and clearing the emotion. Recognizing anxiety helps the cause to be identified. Acknowledging anxiety allows you deal with it instead of ignoring it, which usually makes the anxiety worse. Feeling allows you to identify where in your body you are experiencing anxiety. Anxiety causes pain, weakness, and/or physical damage. Clearing it out of your body is necessary to stay healthy. Anxiety, as is true for all emotions, settles in the body nearest the energetic center it most affects. As a review, the emotional centers are:

Emotional Areas

Energetic Center or Chakra

Physical Areas

Safety, security

1 Base or root

Skin, bones, hair, immune system, blood

Relationships, love, money, creativity

2 Sacral

Sex organs, low back, hips, bladder

Work, responsibility, self-image

3 Solar Plexus

Weight, liver, adrenals, kidneys, pancreas

Ability to love and be loved, children

4 Heart

Heart, lungs, breasts

Knowing when to listen and when to speak

5 Throat

Neck, thyroid, mouth, throat

Mind, intellect

6 Third eye

Ears, eyes, brains

Purpose in life

7 Crown

Life-threatening illness

Dealing with anxiety is important to maintain good health, stay employed, and retain relationships. Effective ways to deal with anxiety bring your attention to the current moment, and only the current moment, to resist or reprogram negative thinking about potential future events. Ways to do this include:

  • Focus on your body
  • Ask questions
  • Describe your environment
  • Perform a chakra check
  • Meditation
  • Exercise

I will address each of these over the next posts in this series, Dealing with Anxiety.


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