The Waterfall Meditation: Clearing Emotion and Pain

Water and the mineral selenite are two of the most cleansing materials there are. Combining these with other minerals makes the Waterfall Meditation very effective at clearing emotion and pain from the body, as well as stimulating healing.

Like many of the meditations described throughout my Spiritual Imprint journal, the Waterfall Meditation happened to me when I was meditating with the intention to release a painful event. I entered my meditation with no specific activity in mind, and found myself seated in a waterfall surrounded by huge chunks of selenite and amethyst protecting me. Since it was first given to me, I’ve continued to use the Waterfall Meditation to effectively reduce or eliminate pain and undesirable emotions.

Basic Steps

  1. Close your eyes and imagine yourself facing a small waterfall. It is gently pouring down over a rock ledge about 4 feet taller than you and is only slightly wider than you. At the base of the waterfall is a smooth, rock slab.
  2. Walk over to the slab and sit beneath the waterfall. The water is pouring serenely over you. You are comforted by it.
  3. On your right side there is a piece of selenite that sits on the rock slab and extends up to the top the waterfall. On your left a piece of amethyst sits atop the slab that goes to the top of the waterfall. These minerals surround, calm, and protect you.
  4. Sitting beneath the gentle, pure waterfall, you notice the water is made up of all the colors of the rainbow. As the water flows over your body, trust it knows where you feel pain or are holding unwanted emotions. The water locates these, picks them up, and washes them away. Imagine the water flowing over you until the problem areas are removed.
  5. The waterfall now shifts to pure white and fills your body with pure, clean, positivity energy.
  6. The water returns to normal, and you feel refreshed.
  7. When you are ready, leave the waterfall, knowing you can return here whenever you want.

I use amethyst as the second mineral because it has special meaning to me. You can substitute another mineral that holds a purpose for you. Or choose a mineral specific to the pain or emotion you want to address. Some suggestions are:

  • Quartz – widely used to cleanse and heal
  • Malachite – may balance relationships
  • Hematite – grounding stone, also may help with arthritis and blood disorders
  • Tourmaline – stimulates creativity (some tourmaline contains all the colors of the rainbow, so is thought to be very healing)
  • Rose quartz – matters related to the heart

I suggest always using selenite as one of the minerals surrounding you because of its healing and cleansing ability, and it will enhance the properties of whatever you choose as the second mineral.


3 thoughts on “The Waterfall Meditation: Clearing Emotion and Pain

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