Cycles of 9: Phases 4 to 6

Familiarity with the cycles of 9 can help in planning a project, building a business, or completing a task. The cycles of 9 can be also be applied to a new idea, life, thought, or event. The nine phases are:

  1. Beginning
  2. Connection
  3. Create
  4. Build
  5. Change
  6. Nurture
  7. Assess
  8. Growth
  9. Completion

The first three phases of the cycles of 9 were addressed in my last entry, Cycles of 9: Phases 1 to 3.

Phase 4: Build

Taking all you planned in phase 3, it is time to build. Phase 4 is a working phase. It is time to put meat on the bones. If what you are creating is a physical thing, phase 4 is when you actually make it. If it is an idea, it is time to solidify plans and put them in motion. Any issues that come up can be corrected as you move into phase 5, change.

The energy of 4 is that of structure. Be cautious to get enough sleep, eat appropriately, and take breaks from working. Even just a little time doing or thinking about something else lets the mind settle and new ideas and intuitions can come forward to help in the build process.

Phase 5: Change

Phase 5 is the first of the two review phasesthe other being phase 7, assess. However, unlike phase 7, which is a more restful and contemplative phase, the change phase involves taking immediate action. Review what you began, communicated, created, and built in the previous four phases. If you are completely satisfied and do not see the need for any changes, move on to phase 6, nurture.

Phase 5 is about feeling free to modify things. The change phase is to make alterations, improvements, and tweaking things based on feedback from others—clients, friends, or self. Unless you plan to completely scrap a project or abandon an idea, be cautious about making too many changes at one time. You want to be able to clearly see if the modifications are an improvement or not. Change can be an exciting time, but it can also be tumultuous.

Phase 6: Nurture

During the sixth phase, nurture, the idea, project, or concept is kept alive by giving it attention. You are, in essence, nurturing and feeding it as if it were a living thing, which it is. Nurturing can be cleaning things up, gently moving projects forward, or maintaining the status quo. This phase is when things are humming along and mostly need gentle feeding to keep going.

Phase 6 can be a time to catch your breath after the energy expenditures required in the first five phases. Appropriate to the nurture phase, the energy of 6 is associated with the heart, love, and family.

Keep in mind some things cycle quickly, so the phases may not be obvious. Some examples are  baking a pie or an idea that begins, is considered, and dismissed.

The last three phases of the cycles of 9 will be covered in my next entry.


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