Symptoms of Worthiness

According to the dictionary, worthiness involves being “good enough.” It defines worthiness as possessing qualities or abilities that warrant distinct recognition or respect. In relation to specific roles, jobs, or awards, worthiness has its place. But when its comes to human beings, what are the symptoms of worthiness?

Are the symptoms of worthiness virtuousness, morality, ethics, righteousness, and goodness? These certainly seem like characteristics associated with worthiness, but to what extent do they have to be present? How much is good enough? How would it be measured? As I pondered these traits and how to judge their level, I realized there is no exact definition. Our environment, background, upbringing, mental state, and beliefs affect what is necessary for us to feel worthy. The symptoms of worthiness are personal and individual. In addition, for an individual, worthiness is more a state of mind than possession of a specific set of traits. When we look at another, worthiness is a matter of judgment against criteria we define, which may not agree with the definition the person holds for themselves.

Everyone starts off life with a clean slate and deserves to feel worthy. Even though the symptoms of worthiness are different for each of us, we are all worthy.


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