Appearances Can Be Deceiving

“Appearances can be deceiving” is a well-known, ancient quote reminding us what we see is not always accurate. This lesson played out in a recent dream.

In my dream, I was being forced to evacuate my home to avoid some impending doom. I went to my jewelry chest and pulled out one of the drawers to sort what to take and what to leave. A woman approached me to express her displeasure, “Wow. How privileged you must be to think first of your jewelry, and how shallow it is what you’ve decided to save.”

Her words struck me deeply. How could she judge me so harshly when she didn’t even know me? Did it make a difference the pieces I was saving were tied to memories and of little monetary value, like the fluffy cotton ball snowman pin my mother gave me or the necklace my daughter bought for me at a yard sale when she was just a child or the cancer pin belonging to my late father?

When I woke, the dream still haunted me. The appearance of what I was doing versus the true reasons behind my actions couldn’t have been more opposite. Looks can be deceiving. It is easy to make assumptions based on small bits of information resulting in misunderstandings, arguments, and inaccurate judgments. It reminded me to be careful of making quick judgments before I know the whole story.


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