Names Beginning with R I

People whose names begin with R I are often different, sometimes to the point of eccentric. What about these letters makes them so influential over personality and behavior?

People whose names begin with R and I, such as Rick or Rita, can be charismatic, artsy, and charitable. They can also be aloof, moody, and scattered. In numerology, R and I are both 9s. Actually, they are the only two letters associated with the number 9. Every other number has three corresponding letters.

The qualities of 9 include philanthropy, visionary ability, romanticism, accepting all types of people, and appreciating the arts—all admirable qualities, unless taken to an extreme. For example, philanthropy taken to an extreme can manifest with giving away more than a person can afford. Being excessively caring can become overbearing or even controlling. Accepting all types of people can lead to unhealthy relationships, behaviors, and associations. Putting an appreciation for the arts above everything else can result in financial issues or loss of touch with reality.

When the first two letters of someone’s name are both 9s, that is, they begin with R I, the qualities associated with 9 are magnified. Add to that the fact 9 is composed of three 3s, tripling the qualities of 3, which include good communicator, artistic, imaginative, generous, emotional, and chaotic. Also, 9 is a combination of 3’s characteristics and the attributes of 6, which include caretaking, rescuing, family focus, meddling, and distraction.

Every number/letter or combination of numbers/letters brings desirable qualities along with those that leave room for improvement, but the challenge to harness the intensity of the double 9 often results in unconventional behaviors. Kept in check, people with R I names may be some of the most interesting you will ever meet.


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