About Spiritual Imprint

I grew up in an environment where work was valued and fun was considered a bad thing. I worked hard in school and became the first person in my family to attend college. No stranger to work and having workaholic tendencies, I got lost in what I thought I was supposed to do. Work. I spent the majority of my career in jobs I excelled at, but rarely enjoyed.

I forgot what I liked or wanted to do because I was always working. It took a toll on me physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Something had to change.

I knew I could create something much more rewarding for myself, with the added benefit of becoming a better example for my family, friends, and clients. This blog, Spiritual ImprintUnveiling Our Entirety, is my journal. It documents what I’ve learned while working on unveiling my entirety, which offer clues to uncovering a Spiritual Imprint. I refer to this process of self-discovery as “The Work” because of a vivid meditation I experienced about it (read about it in Getting to Lights in My Life).

A business, Serenity Gift Boxes, was an unintended consequence of my quest to define Spiritual Imprints. Serenity Gift Boxes emerged when I was exploring the concept of Native American medicine. (“Medicine” is the term used to mean healing practices and beliefs.)

I use the term “medicine” in my Serenity Gift Box products to indicate the energy, personality, spirit, or message they represent. When I am making Serenity Gift Box creations, I carefully select colors and materials to represent the product’s theme–it’s medicine. I also infuse the medicine into the items through meditation, intense belief, prayer, ritual, and deep intention.

I’ve also created a shop for products more specific to Spiritual Imprints, such as What’s in a Name and the meaning of letters.

Please visit these shops: Serenity Gift Boxes and Spiritual Imprint