We all have unique physical identifiers: fingerprints, DNA, ear shape, and iris lines. No two people share identical version of any of these identifiers. Similarly, we have non-physical attributes that make up our unique, individual Spiritual Imprint

Your Spiritual Imprint is based on when you were born, where you have been (i.e., what your unique experiences are), what you need to learn, and where you are headed. Your Spiritual Imprint is both affected by and affects who and what you come in contact with, as well as what is uniquely experienced by all involved.


Spiritual Imprints are comprised of cycles and traits. Cycles are time-based and rule the timing of your life. Traits are descriptive and define who you are. I am developing a method to illustrate Spiritual Imprints in a way that helps us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our world, and the effects we have on each other.

Spiritual Imprints are complicated to depict. They involve cycles within cycles (e.g., days within seasons within periods within years within lifetimes), like concentric rings or a series of waves; and numerous traits (e.g., personality, desire, talents). Because they are so complicated and intricate, it helps to take a periodic snapshot of our Spiritual Imprint in order to more easily comprehend it and make use of it in our every day lives.

(**Note: I further refined what a Spiritual Imprint is in a later blog: Spiritual Imprint Redefined.)


Unveiling a Spiritual Imprint can be compared to putting a puzzle together. With a puzzle, you may have a picture to go by, you may only have the pieces, or you may be missing some. With Spiritual Imprints, you are the finished picture, and the fundamental concepts, magical tools, and maps make up a portion—some of the pieces—of the overall puzzle. You have some pieces and others are still missing.

Using another puzzle analogy, archaeologists uncover puzzle pieces, like sherds, tools, and bones, which they use to piece together a picture of the past. However, often someone comes along with new evidence, in essence dumping another pile of pieces onto the table that must be added to the picture. This may refine or even completely alter the existing picture.

The process of unveiling a Spiritual Imprint puts different pieces together, like concepts, tools, and maps, to uncover a snapshot of your Spiritual Imprint. However, your Spiritual Imprint is dynamic, and the snapshot may be incomplete or need to change over time. As you discover more about yourself, the Spiritual Imprint is refined or altered.

This journal is based on one underlying, fundamental truth, which is integral to all Spiritual Imprints:

We ARE all we need to know . . .

(See We ARE all we need to know)

Three major categories organize the material in this Spiritual Imprint Journal: Fundamental Concepts, Magical Tools, and Maps.


Use this Directory to navigate within the Spiritual Imprint Journal:

Category What you will find there
Fundamental Concepts Truths
Magical Tools How to discover your truths
Maps How to organize your truths